Dec 2

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  3. Violeta says:

    M&M As far as Green goes, I see most of his catches in dolbue coverage and off his feet in some way to get it. Wouldn't be very easy to get yards after catch when you're making catches like he is. But I do have to agree, yards after catch is a huge part of this game. Especially since they call quite a few short passes. But I think our guys are doing a pretty good job at working to get yards after catch. The receiver I'm more worried about is Simpson with his drops. He seems to drop quite a few easy passes. That has to improve. No question about it.

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    I can’t disagree right now, but it’s still too early to tell. I think injuries will hit the Ravens and the Steelers hard this season and they don’t have the depth that the Bengals do. I would argue that the Steelers haven’t really played anyone yet, but ATL looks to be the real deal so that win was really impressive unless ATL just wasn’t as ready as they needed to be week 1, similar to the way the Bengals were week 1. Also NE doesn’t appear to be as good as they looked week 1. So maybe the Bengals haven’t really played anyone yet. The Steelers backup QBs are as good if not better than a lot of starting QBs in the league, but going 4 deep and still winning is pretty impressive. I would also argue that the Bengals would have the same 2-1 record with a backup QB because they won with Defense and Special Teams.

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