Nov 25

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  2. Taran says:

    Is that really all there is to it baceuse that'd be flabbergasting.

  3. igdpncx says:

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  4. Loren says:

    that, I’m very encouraged by Palmer. Yes he’s made some early mistakes this year, causing some to question if he still has “it”. But he has delivered 3 clutch drives in 3 games. At the risk of stating the ridiculously obvious, Palmer makes this team, on both sides of the ball. The poise he has when the pressure is elevated has a rallying effect on the team. With him in the game, we can be down, but not out. The whole team I think has bought into the fact that he can go get those points when need be. So what you see is everyone playing 100%, even if the chips are down, even after a miserable first half in the Pittsburgh game, because of their confidence in him. The season is still early. There are still plenty of areas for improvement. We need to focus on putting Cleveland down before we start thinking of the Ravens. The Browns game needs to be a statement game for us. Another nail biter finish and you have to wonder if we are truly a contender or just another pretender. Put them down hard and fast. Then lets talk about the Ravens.

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  6. Alexavia says:

    Carson’s play is almost panicky, and I think that requires either real or cosmetic improvements to the offensive line so that his mind settles down. Andre isn’t coming along as quickly as his paycheck would suggest, and I’m worried that Anthony Collins hasn’t shown himself good enough to move Whitworth back to his natural LG position. While I know this will never happen, were I the king of the Bengals (because there is no GM position), I’d pull Big Willie out of retirement, and have Andre start being the primary backup for both RG and RT, to see if he’ll pan out as a starting tackle, or serve to eventually replace Bobbie Williams when he decides to retire (and I mean eventually). At the very least, I’d pay for Big Willie to bring back the ole’ shovel for a motivational speech. To induce T.O. to fight for the ball (as you’ve pointed out, a trait OchoCinco has over him), I’d parcel out that last million in incentives (that is definitely unreachable at this rate) to YAC, which we know is his strength. $1,500 or $2,000 each YAC seems about right to me.Thoughts?

  7. Topher says:

    Not sure I’d call them ‘fresh’ and ‘healthy’. Benson’s suspended; Maualuga, Howard and Rivers are hurt or hurting or recovering or who knows where they are or what’s going on; A.Smith is apparently not 100%. All standout players this year with the exception of Rivers. It’s the one thing about football I’ll never understand: how these guys seem to get hurt between games when you’re going at half-speed and limited contact. Did any of these guys get hurt in game action? It’s a mystery to me. Sunday post-game, “Everyone’s fine.” Thursday, “Questionable.” Smh.I always think of J.Joseph when I talk about this. I had no idea what he was doing between games but he’d always end up on the injury report without explanation. He’d usually play but… man, still frustrating. I have no idea what you’re doing on Mondays and Tuesdays, dude, but… STOP! For the love of God! He’s gone now but it looks like he’s passed that torch to Crocker, who hasn’t skipped a beat. Bravo! Questionable, Doubtful, here we come!

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