Nov 18

Posted by AFC North

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  1. LakishaHerrera29 says:

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  2. Sonu says:

    really??? please stop sokimng crack!!! jt, i still dont understand why people dont take the bengals seriously, they were without jermain,adam jones and the beast in the middle!! plus we havent had rivers all year??!!!!!! look i was thinking they werent going to win 4 games this year also, but the fact of the matter is that this is a totally different team, new attitude, new breed, plus say what you want about mike brown, but hes paying the players who DESERVE exstensions!!!! i think mike brown deserves a lot of credit ..just sayin but to say that they are not for real yet because they havent played the ravens or the steelers is just plain crazy!!!!! ive ALWAYS been a bengals fan even tho it hurt . ALOT OVER THE YEARS!! but im finally glad theyre are no divas,no whiners, just players who want to win.and for anyone who thinks cam newton should win r.o.y just because of his stats you need to stop smokin the crack too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JUST SAYIN

  3. Danial says:

    on Twitter- my Saints pick is purely stetimnneal. Everybody has Atlanta winning the division, and I think the Saints are still better. Don't ever bet against Drew Brees.Dallas may implode, but Washington won't be there to step into their place. The Giants are the only team in the NFC East that could do it. I still think Chris Mortensen is right- Favre won't hold up all season. This is the last hurrah, and Brett's not going out like Elway. Payton Manning, on the other hand, is hard to bet against . but I don't think they repeat as AFC Champions.I only know two things for sure: no Norv Turner- or Wade Phillips-coached teams will ever, EVER make the Super Bowl. Therefore, this year's Super Bowl ends up a Chargers-Cowboys game, the apocalypse is at hand.

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  5. Luciano says:

    Very, very good analysis. Your onopiin about the futility of wanting to go back to the running game of 2009 was a spot-on revelation to me. In writing this I just remembered. I thought I was going to ignore the Bengals for the next century or so. Your good writing is drawing me back in.I like the analogy that the Bengals are playing with the house's money this year.

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