Nov 18

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  1. Joseph says:

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  2. Minerva says:

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  3. viagra says:

    Carson’s play is almost panicky, and I think that requires either real or cosmetic improvements to the offensive line so that his mind settles down. Andre isn’t coming along as quickly as his paycheck would suggest, and I’m worried that Anthony Collins hasn’t shown himself good enough to move Whitworth back to his natural LG position. While I know this will never happen, were I the king of the Bengals (because there is no GM position), I’d pull Big Willie out of retirement, and have Andre start being the primary backup for both RG and RT, to see if he’ll pan out as a starting tackle, or serve to eventually replace Bobbie Williams when he decides to retire (and I mean eventually). At the very least, I’d pay for Big Willie to bring back the ole’ shovel for a motivational speech. To induce T.O. to fight for the ball (as you’ve pointed out, a trait OchoCinco has over him), I’d parcel out that last million in incentives (that is definitely unreachable at this rate) to YAC, which we know is his strength. $1,500 or $2,000 each YAC seems about right to me.Thoughts?

  4. Chelsea23Sellers says:

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  5. Jada says:

    WOW is all that I can say. Dalton made some great throws, and gets rid of the ball QUICKLY, when he dicedes to throw it. I was impressed with the velocity on the balls he needed to zip in there, and the accuracy too. Simpson has to learn to drag his feet when he secures the ball, and soon, I hope. Say what you will about Chad, but he was amazing doing that. Jerome needs to work on that body control but hanging onto that ball at the goal line while taking a shot was sweet! When he and Caldwell contribute, that makes the offense so much better! Lots to be excited about for sure! GO BENGALS!

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